New: Hotpoint launches freestanding cooker with two fan ovens 

Hotpoint has launched a new freestanding cooker – the only one on the market with two fan ovens.

Both ovens feature Multiflow technology, for even cooking on every shelf.  

The compact top fan oven is perfect for cooking speedy, everyday meals on up to two levels, offering time and energy savings of up to 15 percent. For bigger meals, the main fan oven offers four shelves, and allows multiple dishes to be cooked simultaneously. For those times when one oven just isn’t enough, both ovens can be used at the same time, to cook on up to six shelves at once, perfect when cooking a Sunday roast with all the trimmings for the whole family. 

Hotpoint’s Multiflow technology distributes constant heat to every shelf, and monitors the temperature so precisely, that you’ll achieve consistently great bakes. The ovens also feature precise and consistent temperature no matter where you place your food – the clever sensors provide a consistent temperature throughout the entire oven, minimising temperature swings to within only +/- 2°C, so you can count on Hotpoint to help you cook with confidence.  

To complement the two fan ovens, the new cooker from Hotpoint (HDM67V8D2CX/UK) boasts a unique double display that makes it easy to control and monitor each oven, either independently or together. Even when cooking multiple dishes at once, the intuitive interface makes it simple to set the oven timers to ensure that everything is ready at the same time. This is particularly handy for cooking multi-course meals. 

The brand new Hotpoint freestanding double oven cooker is the only freestanding cooker on the market that offers two fan ovens, resulting in countless cooking possibilities and consistently tasty results 

Hotpoint’s new freestanding double oven cooker also benefits from a range of cooking functions to further expand creative opportunities. With the Steam function, for example, the user can prepare succulent and healthy dishes by adding steam to the cooking process2.   

Kimberley Garner, Hotpoint brand manager, says: “Our collection of thoughtful home solutions are developed to prevent mishaps at home and help customers care for their friends and family with delicious dishes. The new freestanding double oven cooker will serve as a trusted partner in the kitchen with its two full fan ovens, Multiflow technology, and double display, delivering versatile cooking solutions. 

Key features and benefits of the brand new Hotpoint freestanding double oven cooker (HDT67I9HM2C/UK): 

·        Freestanding cooker that benefits from two fan ovens and a induction hob  

·        The only freestanding double oven cooker on the market that offers two full fan ovens. This enables the user to cook everyday meals in the practical top fan oven, while saving up to 15 per cent in time and energy1, cook up to four dishes at once in the main oven, or use both ovens at the same time to cook on up to six levels, which is ideal for a large family meal 

·        Both fan ovens benefit from Hotpoint’s Multiflow technology for even cooking on every shelf. 

·        Up to 114 litres of oven space available (70 litre capacity in the main oven and 44 litre capacity in the top oven)  

·        Easy and intuitive double display for direct control and feedback of both ovens. With a display timer for each oven, the user can set the ovens to work independently or together, ideal for when dishes need to be ready at the same time 

·        Steam function for the most nutritious cooking results 

·       Removable glass doors for quick and easy cleaning 

·        Spend more time cooking and less time cleaning thanks to the ovens’ catalytic liners. These are special panels that catch fat spits and grease, removing them naturally during the cooking process 

·        Both ovens have an ‘A’ energy rating (on the A+++ – D scale) 

·        Finished in black glass and stainless steel 

·        Induction hob for precisie hob cooking  

·        Dimensions: H 900 x W 600 x D 600 mm 

The freestanding double oven cooker (HDM67V8D2CX/UK) is part of a new line-up of freestanding cookers from Hotpoint. Also included in the new range is a freestanding cooker with induction hob (HDM67I9H2CB/U).  

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