Black + Blum launches charcoal water filter and coil

Black + Blum, the award-winning creators of original and innovative high-quality food and drink on-the-go designs, announces the launch of its Binchotan active charcoal water filter and coil

Black + Blum launched its first charcoal filter bottle eight years ago and has seen growing sales of Binchotan charcoal filters ever since.

The company has helped grow awareness for the sustainable and health benefits of using natural Binchotan active charcoal as a water filter.

Its latest launched, unveiled at Exclusively Shows 2019, in June, is an update of this charcoal filter with the delivery of the Binchotan active charcoal water filter and coil.

The new design allows anyone with any water bottle to upgrade it into a filter bottle and get great tasting water.

The high-quality stainless-steel coil spring securely holds the natural Binchotan active charcoal stick securely in place. It is easy to load into bottles and stops the charcoal from rattling or scratching the inside of any stainless steel, glass or plastic bottle.

The design is easy to clean and to reload with a new charcoal stick (each stick has a six-month life) and will last a lifetime.

Dan Black, co-founder and lead designer at Black + Blum says: “We continue  to create long lasting, everyday products which help encourage people to enjoy leading a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

“Our latest coil design allows people who already own a water bottle to enjoy the benefits of charcoal filtered water, using an incredibly minimal yet functionally designed product.”

Available to order now, the company has also developed a metal counter-top unit to display the product and to maximise impulse sales.

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