UK cookshops help make wave of change


A host of independent UK cookshops have been helping the T&G brand create a wave of change by promoting its award-winning Ocean range

A number of independent cookshops have been helping T&G make a wave of change by promoting the British brand’s award-winning and eco-friendly Ocean range in window and merchandising displays.

UK cookshops Bacchanalia, Potters of Hockley and Hurst (Isle of Wight) have all delivered some incredible displays to show support for, helping to raise awareness of this important cause and charity.

Potters Cookshop

Inspired by a love of the sea, T&G’s award-winning Ocean collection includes ceramic storage, wireware baskets and trivets, cork tablemats and coasters, as well as whale-shaped wooden boards.

With all the current media focus on plastic pollution in our seas, T&G hopes the collection will engage everyone, retailers included, in a conversation to rethink plastic use and consider what we can all do to help.

T&G donates to Plastic Oceans UK for sales of these products. /

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