Sambonet is bringing us Midnight Blue, a collection enhanced by silver ion technology meaning it offers maximum protection to users …

Cutlery and cookware market leader Sambonet has brought cutting-edge technology to the kitchen with Midnight Blue – a forward-thinking collection which has been inspired by chefs’ tools.

The Italian giant showcases its experience and know-how, matched with typical Sambonet design and innovation in Midnight Blue which incorporates clever silver ion technology.

Silver ions are the plus of the non-stick and antimicrobial coating of the Sambonet Midnight Blue – Silver Protection collection. They guarantee unique cooking performance in terms of hygiene, making the surfaces of the cookware inhospitable to harmful microorganisms. Above all, they are extremely clean and odourless – hugely important for preserving aromas and taste, and very much to the advantage of the most demanding cooks who expect top-tier performances from their cookware.

Oven-safe and induction friendly performance

The collection includes frying pans, saucepans, casseroles, woks and steak pans: a full range for all cooking surfaces, including induction. Perfect for all types of cooking from roasting, braising, stewing or simply heating – these tools are oven-safe, thanks to stainless steel handles up to 200°C.  Strong and designed for daily, even intensive use, the collection keeps its non-stick properties perfectly intact over the time. Interestingly, Sambonet tells us that the clever silver ion coating also stops stains from forming which makes cleaning easy – even in the dishwasher – and protects the cookware from wear and tear.

Design focused

Sambonet’s search for exclusivity can also be seen in the design of Midnight Blue, which combines the chromatic charm of deep blue – which inspired its name – with comfortable stainless-steel handles, an extremely functional brushed bottom and stainless-steel knobs on the glass lids. The collection is the ideal combination of aesthetic and functional details, because any moment of the day can be a gourmet experience. Now also Midnight.

Did you know?

Sambonet’s silver ions non-stick coating is a layer enriched with silver ions that offers 99.5 per cent protection against microbes. Silver ions make surfaces inhospitable to microorganisms such as bacteria, mould, viruses and fungi, which are unable to proliferate or survive. Maximum hygiene, total safety and reliability before, during and after cooking.

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