Bialetti introduces Red and Green Moka in US

[Celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, Italian coffee maker brand Bialetti is introducing its iconic Red and Green Moka Express to the American market

Leading Italian cookware and coffeemaker brand, Bialetti, known for its forward thinking in both innovation and style, has introduced the iconic 3-cup Red and Green Made in Italy Moka Express.

“Bialetti enthusiasts will appreciate the Red and Green Moka Express, which reflects the iconic Italian design and colours of Italy,” says Julie Lawson, brand director, Bradshaw Home, which distributes Bialetti in the US. “Customers who purchase the Red and Green Moka will feel like they are bringing a piece of Italy home from a gourmet shop in Milan.”

Alfonso Bialetti revolutionised home coffee brewing in 1933 with his patented Moka Express. Featuring Bialetti’s trademark figure, l’Omino, the little man with the moustache, the Moka Express has become a trusted symbol of quality. In 2008, the Moka Express was included as a masterpiece of modern art in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York, Department of Architecture and Design.

Today, over 85 years later, the unique aluminum stovetop coffee maker is the number one coffee maker in the world with over 330 million units sold.  It can be found in nearly 90 per cent of Italian households.

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