Remembering Alessi’s Alessandro Mendini

Kitchenware International remembers the recently-deceased architect and designer Alessandro Mendini through his ingenious kitchenware designs for Italian-led brand Alessi

Following the death in February of Italian architect and designer, Alessandro Mendini, whose legacy of ingenious and modern work will be remembered through is many products, we pay tribute to him via his most recent design work for Alessi.

Alessandro played an important part in the development of Italian, Postmodern, and Radical design and worked with brands such as Alessi, including designing the Anna G Corkscrew (1994), which sold 20,000 items in the first year, spawning a family of matching products, and the Moka Alessi coffee maker in 2011, which brought the traditional Italian stovetop espresso maker to a contemporary market.

Alessandro Mendini’s most recent project for Alessi, part of the Spring/Summer 2018 catalogue, is Tegamino, an egg pan designed by Alessandro in collaboration with Alex Mocika and gastronomist Alberto Gozzi.

The Alessi Egg pan, dubbed the ‘perfect little pan’ is ideal for preparing food in the kitchen, as well as serving it at the table. It is designed to create a perfect single-portion egg.

Delivering a high performance and silhouetted by curvy handles, Tegamino is perfect for curious chefs, culinary buffs and those, who like the late Alessandro Mendini “don’t even know how to cook an egg”.

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