Ask the Retailer: Trevor Mottram

UK cookshop Trevor Mottram discusses why it chooses to stock T&G products and why they do so well

Trevor Mottram’s in Tunbridge Wells, UK, a cookshop stocking everything from whisks to cookware, and has even attracted the likes of Raymond Blanc and the Roux brothers. Here, Sarah Wood, owner of Trevor Mottram’s, discusses why she chooses to stock T&G

Why did you choose to stock T&G?

We’ve stocked T&G products for 40 years – probably as long as they have been trading! T&G’s branding is stylish and simple. You don’t need different stands for their products and consumers don’t need much explanation. The brand is well-known and consumers ask for it specifically – it’s a trusted brand.

What collections do you stock?

We have a selection of T&G products. We stock their boards, Pride of Place storage, Salt and Pepper mills, display products, bread bins, and a lot of wooden spoons. We made a choice several years ago to only stock wooden spoons from a brand we knew would offer us continuity in style and availability.

What is the bestselling collection/product?

We’ve been amazed and thrilled at the success of Pride of Place storage – it’s been the best storage solution we’ve sold for years. All four colourways sell incredibly well – I initially though the green and cream would fall in sales with the introduction of the white and grey, but this hasn’t happened and more of all colours were only delivered last week.

How do you best communicate the story, design, functionality of the brand to consumers?

We keep all the Pride of Place storage together so consumers can easily choose their purchases, and plan for future shopping too. T&G’s Chopping Boards are all ranged by size near the wooden spoons and the rest of the wood story, including the iconic spurtle.

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