BergHOFF launches revolutionary cookware solutions for downdraft cooktops

BergHOFF's Downdraft collection has been designed specifically for downdraft stovetops.

BergHOFF has launched a new cookware collection aimed specifically at downdraft cookers.

Tapping into downdrafts increasing popularity, BergHOFF say traditional cookware does not function properly on the ranges, so they have conceived a new collection specifically for downdraft stovetops.

BergHOFF has just recently launched two downdraft cookware ranges that prevent heat loss for energy- efficient cooking and direct the odours and vapours from inside the pot directly to the counter-level exhaust fan of a downdraft cooktop. The designs are available internationally and are protected by a worldwide patent.

How it works

Where the engine of a downdraft vent would have to work too hard to ensure complete suction of the steam and odours coming from traditional cookware, BergHOFF introduces a range of pots that guides the steam from inside the pot directly to the vent. This way the downdraft stovetop needs to use minimal power, which means energy-efficient cooking, and prevents odours from lingering in the kitchen.

The BergHOFF downdraft pots come with a matching glass lid that has integrated air ducts in its silicone rim to stimulate the air flow. The lid can either be used to close off the pot in order to speed up the heating process, create a low pressure cooker and preserve the heat and flavours in the pot during cooking, or, when rotated 180 degrees, to let the air escape and guide the steam from inside the pot directly towards the downdraft vent.

Available now.

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