Robert Welch Designs is launching a new high-performance knife range, Professional Knives. Classically designed for robust use by keen home cooks and professional chefs, the new knife range includes 11 knives and take inspiration from Robert Welch’s 1979 Kitchen Devil Professional range.

The new Professional range will continue to demonstrate Robert Welch Design’s commitment to quality kitchen knives. Combining a timeless design with a distinctive classic shape through the handle and blade, the Professional Knives will hold enduring appeal to a wide range of culinary enthusiasts.  

The Angle Knife Block, made from solid oak with an oiled finish can store up to six Professional Knives

In addition to Professional Knives, the in-house Robert Welch team has designed the space-saving Angle Knife Block, made from solid oak with an oiled finish to safely store up to six Professional Knives. 

Rupert Welch, managing director said: “We’re thrilled to introduce the Professional Knives range. Our experience with Signature knives over the last 20 years proves that we know what makes a great knife. Our new Professional Knives are designed to meet the high expectations of both home cooks and professional chefs. With their classic design, superior performance and lasting durability, these knives will elevate the culinary experience of our customers. 

The Professional series compliments the Signature range with 11 new knives in the range

“The new Professional knives compliment the successful Signature range perfectly, offering something different for the more serious chefs among us while remaining true to our design principles. The team has dedicated so much time and effort to perfecting the range and making sure that each individual knife has a specific purpose in food preparation.

“The introduction of the Angle block also offers a new option for space-saving, contemporary knife storage and has been designed specifically for both Professional and Signature knives. As ever we take great pride in creating exceptional and accessible products that excel in functionality.

“This is an extremely exciting launch for us and early feedback from retail trade partners and industry experts at Exclusively Show has been extremely positive. This certainly indicates that this collection is a very welcome addition to the already established and award-winning Signature range. We hope the range will be as exciting to home cooks and professionals as it is for us.”

The collection includes a wide assortment of knives for every task

The Professional Knives range includes a variety of essential knives, ensuring there is a tool for every cutting task in the kitchen.  From precision paring to versatile utility knives, these high-performance tools have been meticulously crafted to enhance food preparation.

The Professional Knife range is available from August 2023. For more information about the collection, visit Please email trade enquiries to

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