Scanpan unveils new universe

Known for its hand-cast pots and pans, Danish brand Scanpan takes its innovative spirit to new heights with the launch of the first series in its Crafted by Chefs universe and a brand-new non-stick coating

Following three years of R&D, Scanpan, which is renowned for its hand-cast and Danish-made pots and pans in recycled aluminium, recently unveiled a completely new universe – Crafted by Chefs – along with the first series in the range, TechnIQ, which features its brand-new Stratanium+ coating.

A series born with the purpose of meeting all the requirements of a professional chef, the TechnIQ series has been developed for and by chefs and boasts a completely new design, new surfaces and re-thought geometry and angles, with a focus on improved ergonomics and optimal user features.

TechnIQ also features the revolutionary non-stick Stratanium+ coating. Partly inspired by nature, the new coating surpasses all previous ones when it comes to hardness, strength and durability, delivering exceptional food-release and easy to clean.  

Tested and approved by professional chefs, results deliver improved releasibility and frying properties. During use, the rough surface forms a series of micro-holes, which improves frying properties, turning the surface into the classic griddle pan, so frying delivers a ‘crispy’ and ‘crackling’ sound compared to traditional non-stick coatings, with crispness and browning forming, much to the chefs’ delight and hard to bring out in non-stick pans.

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