Allinox has acquired the cookware brand Baumalu. The Belgian specialist in branded and private label cookware recently announces the acquisition of the French group.

Allinox has successfully acquired the renowned French Baumalu group, marking a strategic move that promises to shape the future of both companies. Through combining the cutting-edge innovation capacity of the Allinox group with Baumalu’s rich tradition, craftsmanship and robust customer ties, the Allinox group aims to reinforce its presence in the dynamic French cookware market.

Baumalu will continue as an independent entity within the Allinox group and daily management will remain with its former owner and managing director, Mr. Bruno Martin. This decision ensures the preservation of Baumalu’s unique identity and commitment to excellence.

Going forward, Baumalu will benefit from getting access to the Allinox production environment, product expertise, partner network, digital solutions and financial stability. This collaboration will empower both companies to strengthen its relationship with key French retailers.

By integrating the Baumalu group, Allinox in its turn will add high end ’made in France’ product solutions to strengthen its differentiated product portfolio aiming at the international markets.

Allinox Owner and Chairman Filip Delmulle says: “There are obvious synergies in both directions, and we have already started to bring these into practice to the benefit of our customers and partners, both in France as well as in our export markets.”

Allinox CEO Bram Lernout emphasises the complementary nature of Beka France and Baumalu in terms of positioning and customer base. “Both companies will continue to operate alongside each other in the French market and will each continue to serve their existing clientele based on their respective commercial strategy. However, through the integration of Baumalu into the Allinox environment, we expect to increase our overall operational efficiency, extend capacity for innovative product solutions and further improve our level of customer focus. With this acquisition, we reaffirm our commitment to grow our position as a trusted supplier of quality cookware solutions to all segments of the French market. We are excited about the possibilities this collaboration unlocks and look forward to a future of shared success.”

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