Strix Group plc, has acquired Billi Australia, Billi New Zealand and Billi UK, in a deal worth £38 million.  Billi is a leading brand in Australia for the supply of superior instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water systems.

The acquisition supports the Strix’s growth plans in the water and appliance sectors. Adding Billi to the Strix portfolio will provide the company with full and comprehensive coverage of the hot water dispensing market, alongside its existing LAICA and Aqua Optima brands.

Chief executive officer, Mark Bartlett, says: “As a brand, Billi has a successful history of growth, and we believe that Strix’s existing technological capabilities will enhance and improve upon Billi’s new product development roadmap.

 “The acquisition of Billi accelerates our strategy within our Water and Appliances categories, which is core to Strix’s five-year plan.”

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