One cup dispense function only boils the water required

Say hello to the innovative and eco-friendly Dual Flo kettle from household appliances brand LAICA.

Dual Flo not only acts as a kettle, but also as a hot water dispenser.

Combining the utility of a standard kettle with the one cup capability of a hot cup machine, LAICA’s new Dual Flo kettle, powered by Strix technology, is an innovative twist on kettle technology which only boils the amount of water required, offering consumer convenience, speed and sustainability through water and energy waste reduction.

It is estimated that the UK, wastes approximately 70 million litres of water a day by overboiling the kettle, equating to around £2 million a day spent on unnecessary energy costs.*

The 2-in-1 functionality of the LAICA Dual Flo means you can boil up to 1.5litres of water like a conventional kettle, or boil and dispense between 150-250ml in just 45 seconds for one hot drink at the touch of a button. It is the only kettle on the market with true one-cup dispense – making it friendlier to the planet whilst saving money on energy bills.

Graeme Rodger, category manager says: “Everyone has an eye on saving water and energy at the moment so the ability to just boil and dispense enough water for a quick cuppa is a real benefit. It is also a really attractive appliance which will suit any kitchen.”

LAICA will be expanding the Dual Flo collection in September this year with the launch of a co-ordinating two-slice toaster.  

* Assuming energy price at 27.2p/KWH. / 70 million litres of water based on Utilita Report 2020.

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