Find them: Stand EH506

Set to be launched at Exclusively, Jomafe bring us One. Made from die cast aluminium which makes it very lightweight, the induction base offers an even and efficient distribution of heat which enables you to cook at low temperatures for the same expert results, whilst being more energy efficient – it is suitable for all hob types.

The PFOA-free non-stick coating enables fat-free cooking and prevents the food from sticking, as well as making it very easy to clean, and the interior design of the lids results in a snug fit which helps to retain moisture, thereby improving the taste and texture of the food.

One is a comprehensive collection comprising three sizes of casseroles: 20cm, 24cm and 28 cm; 28cm shallow casserole; three fry pans: 20cm, 24cm and 28cm; 28cm wok; 28cm griddle and a 32 cm paella pan.

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