Want something colourful and sustainable to help protect your food this summer – then see the reusable food hoods from ever&again.

The washable bowl hoods save both on plastic and aluminium foil and are a great look in the kitchen and refrigerator at the same time.

And the best part? They are easy to wipe out or wash in the washing machine and can be used over and over again.

Ever&again put great importance to fairness and sustainability in the production of their hoods, which is why all of the products are hand sewn in Germany, mainly in rehab workshops, with great attention to detail.

Do you know ever&again have other sustainable products too? In the online store you’ll find everything you need to enter the zero waste lifestyle in a simple yet stylish way.

Swipe Its make Kitchen roll a thing of the past and their Veggie Bags make every plastic bag when shopping for vegetables obsolete.

Taking care of the environment has never been so easy!


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