Kitchenware goes luxe

From toasters to trash bins, simple and functional items of kitchenware are being elevated to luxurious heights with luxe materials and high-fashion licences

With kitchens continuing to be the centre of the home, consumers are outfitting their culinary spaces with kitchenware that is increasingly aesthetically-pleasing and luxurious, and a number of brands are catering to this with high-design pieces in luxurious materials and design-led styles, elevating functional kitchen items to new heights.

From licences with high-fashion brands to the use of sustainable yet luxurious materials, including concrete and vegan leather, here are four of the latest luxe launches.

Celebrating 100 years of Dutch design this year, Brabantia, renowned for its trash cans, has upped its style game, taking the trash can to luxurious heights with the Bo Touch Top Trash Can.

Designed in collaboration with kitchenware designers Dutchdeluxes, the new bin (a limited edition of just 1,000 pieces worldwide) comes dressed in a new jacket made of vegan leather (polyurethane and polyester plastics combined with cotton), delivered in a warm Cognac and dark Espresso hue with stylish double stitching for an even stronger, handcrafted feel.

“The stitching is just a tiny detail, but it makes a difference, just like all details in life,” says Sebastiaan Eerhart, Dutchdeluxes.

It features four elegant legs and the two 3- and 6-gallon inner buckets are made from 100 per cent recycled materials and is ideal for separating trash.

Kuhn Rikon

With the concrete craze dominating kitchens, Kuhn Rikon recently unveiled a knife block – Monument – made of concrete, a piece that “captures the urban zeitgeist and is monumental in appearance” says the brand. The unique surface structure and texture of the piece makes each a one-of-a-kind.

“The colour never stays the same, it changes with the way light falls on it and over the course of use,” says the brand. In addition, concrete contains small pores and micro-cracks and these properties come together to lend the Monument line its aesthetic appeal and unmistakable character, developing a patina over time.

The concrete knife block is contrasted with a removable soft maple wood lid/knife slot. The knife block comes in grey or anthracite.


Last year, Italian appliance manufacturer Smeg has partnered with fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana on a range of appliances. The Dolce & Gabbana x SMEG appliances, which includes a kettle, toaster, blender and expresso machine, come dressed in signature colourful prints from the Italian fashion brand, elevating the simple pieces to a luxe level.


Bugatti recently unveiled a luxurious kettle, a fusion of technology and style, designed to give refined elegance to the coffee/tea-brewing experience. Jacqueline, which recently scooped a Red Dot Award in Product Design 2019, features a shape that recalls the iconic shape of a bag and is inspired by the traditional ceramic teapot, but given a contemporary spin.

Made of 18/10 stainless steel with a PCT Tritan handle, the slick piece is also technologically advanced: the water can be pre-set at a certain temperature for up to one hour, while the simple and intuitive Bugatti B Chef app allows users to personalise settings for each day of the week, from programmed temperatures to time schedules.

“With Jacqueline, the traditional tea ceremony becomes a chic and contemporary experience,” says Camilla Zanetti, Bugatti’s marketing manager.

Global Knives

Global Knives, distributed by award-winning supplier of housewares, I. Grunwerg in the UK, has unveiled its own range of luxury chopping boards. Made form Acacia and end-grain woods, these cutting boards are water-resistant and not easily scratched allowing them to retain their highly polished look for longer.

They are also smooth to the touch and naturally antibacterial. The stainless-steel panelling delivers a sleek pairing with the wood. Available in either a round or rectangular design.

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