Ask the Retailer: Potten & Pannen

[Leading Czech Republic retailer Potten & Pannen discusses why it chooses to stock Kilner products and why they do so well

Potten & Pannen is a leading, exclusive importer, distributor and direct seller of table, kitchen and household brands, with 12 stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Here, Pavel Stanek, co-founder and president, discusses why he stocks Kilner

Why did you choose to stock Kilner®?

Kilner® represents the values we believe. It´s a brand with tradition and with passion and has become a loved brand for passionate chefs and amateur cooks globally. It’s also always a great gift idea.

What collections do you stock?

We’ve represented Kilner® in the Czech and Slovak Republic for more than five years. We stock a variety of products, from jugs and glasses, to barrels for lemonade, and more.

What is the bestselling collection/product?

One of our bestsellers from Kilner® are the barrels for lemonade. They are so practical and in summer they sell really well – for garden parties and picnics. 

How do you best communicate the story, design, functionality of the brand to consumers?

Kilner® has its own trendy organic feel – it has this vintage vibe, although the jugs and other products are very modern and timeless. Kilner® is for customers who care about their living standards, providing ecology and organic products and we communicate this.