5 Minutes With… Lorraine Pascale

Former supermodel, professional chef and voice for nutrition, Lorraine Pascale, talks to Kitchenware International about her recent collaboration with Haden on a range of new appliances

Last year, iconic British kitchenware brand Haden, announced its first collaboration with Lorraine Pascale, a former supermodel, professional chef and voice for nutrition and wellness.

One of the UK’s leading small domestic appliances brands, founded in 1958 and recently acquired by Sabichi Homewares, Haden partnered with Lorraine in order to bring a fresh and exciting take on products within the SDA arena.

Here, we talk to Lorraine Pascale about the collaboration.

Why did you feel that the Haden brand was the perfect fit for you?

I really like Haden products as well as its brand values and I fell in love with the idea of creating appliances to help people to cook quicker, easier and healthier meals. We worked together closely and each of us played on our strengths in order to create this range. Haden is an expert in manufacturing with over 60 years of experience, so it was a great match.

What do you look for in a brand when collaborating?

Brand values, professionalism and audience are very important aspects when collaborating.

How important are small domestic appliances in your life?

They are every home’s essentials and designed to make our lives easier, so very important.

Why did you decide on these five products?

I’m excited by wellness and helping people lead happier, healthier lives, and these products do just that, while also allowing them to be creative in the kitchen. Some people have big kitchens while others don’t, so having some smaller multi-use appliances to help them cook quicker, easier and healthier meals was very appealing. I’m very proud of this range – each product is unique, but all focus on health, convenience and easy cooking.

What did you want to communicate with these products?

To tell people how they can easily maintain a healthy wellbeing and how great they will feel when they eat well.

www.hadenappliances.com / www.sabichi.co.uk

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