Space-saving cookware in demand

Casteline Collection, Cristel

With kitchens smaller and one or two-person households increasing globally, demand for space-saving cookware solutions is on the up

According to market research figures from GfK, kitchens are smaller today with the number of one or two-person households growing rapidly around the globe. And, as a result, demand for kitchenware, including cookware that can be easily stored or stacked, is in demand. And the kitchenware brands are delivering on innovative and clever solutions.

“We seek out solutions for storing cookware,” says Dr Stephen Schuster, WMF’s Group VP brand marketing and product communication. “Our new cookware range WMF Compact Cuisine helps to save on space.”

This stackable pot range will be available in different set variations combining the broad range with all necessary items. With its mirror-finished optic and the stackability of the pots and lids, the range is an optimal space saver. The pots are Made in Germany with high WMF quality standards including all known benefits.

Claire Budgen, marketing manager for KitchenCraft, says elements of multi-functionality and space-saving attributes are important on-trend aesthetical features today.       And these are evident in KitchenCraft’s MasterClass Smart Space range, which comprises three pots, which stack inside each other, one lid which fits all pots and a detachable handle, offering “convenient all-in-one cook/serve/store capabilities”, says Claire.

Cristel’s Casteline Collection (think a layer of aluminium sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel, allowing heat to spread throughout, ideal for searing meat, even without oil) delivers pots and pans with removable handles and its recently-launched version with a removable walnut wood handle secured the Red Dot Design Award 2018. Owing to such success, the collection has expanded with two further wood handles, including olive and beech, adding softness, warmth and space-saving.

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