Healthy cookware focus in India

Director of kitchenware retailer ThinKitchen by Seeba Lifestyles in India, Manushi Jain Baldawa, discusses how healthy lifestyles is a consumer lifestyle trend driving sales of cookware and kitchen products

Healthy living is among the bigger megatrends that continues to grow and evolve each year and India is no exception. So says director of kitchenware retailer ThinKitchen by Seeba Lifestyles in India, which retails cookware, kitchenware and tableware from global brands, including Royal Prestige and Denby.

“Healthy lifestyle habits are becoming more a normal way of life due to concerns over the rise in lifestyle diseases,” says director of ThinKitchen, Manushi Jain Baldawa.

“Consumer perception on ‘being healthy’ is no longer limited to being just physically fit but represents a more holistic view of how food, fitness (both mental and physical) and overall wellbeing come together.”

With a focus on the Indian market, Manushi says that customers today have become increasingly health and environment conscious, which reflects in the choices they make when it comes to (edible) food choices as well as kitchen equipment and accessories.

“Staying away from non-food safe metals, chemicals or materials or non-/less-environment-friendly products is on the rise, which gives kitchenware brands an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their peers,” she says.

“With growing concerns about cookware materials and their safety, the cookware industry, in particular, has perhaps seen the biggest shift towards conscious consumers seeking healthy cookware. Indians are switching back to earthen cookware and food-grade stainless steel, which encourages sustainable living.

“In the near future, improved standards of living, changing lifestyles, increasing spending power, constraints of time, health consciousness and a higher need for convenience and simplicity in food preparation, will bring about small but perceptible changes to the Indian consumer.”

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