Alessi redesigns classic coffeemaker

British architect David Chipperfield has re-designed the original and popular Italian espresso stovetop coffeemaker, delivering a design piece inspired by the 1930s

A tribute to Alfonso Bialetti – grandfather of Alberto Alessi – who, in 1930, invented, designed and was the first manufacturer of the Moka Express, the popular Italian espresso stovetop coffee maker, British architect David Chipperfield has reinterpreted the espresso coffee maker, taking inspiration from the aesthetics of the 30s, especially from Art Déco. 

Moka is characterised by an eleven-sided vessel and a flat lid, which integrates with the shape of the coffee maker. Made from aluminium and available in three sizes (1, 3 and 6 cups), the Moka features a wide base for optimal heat transmission and a side position of the knob allowing for an easy, one-handed lid lifting, while the shape and positioning of the handle avoids any heat damage from cooktops.

David chose grey for the handle, to coordinate with the metallic colour of the aluminium.

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